News  Posted on May 17, 2016

Scientists Develop ‘Second Skin’ That May Treat Skin Problems

What do you say if there could be a second skin? It sounds like science fiction, but it is possible. The scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, Olivo Labs and Living Proof have teamed up for one mission—develop second skin. [Read More...]


Six Reasons Women Wear Makeup

Women have their reasons for wearing makeup but such vary from one to another, so there is no correct or wrong answer when talking about reasons for using cosmetics.   Check out the following for the most common reasons women are wearing makeup. Why Do Women Wear Makeup? To Boost Confidence Many women cannot imagine their […]


How to Choose Safe Cosmetics

Women consider several factors when looking for makeup and one of these is selecting cosmetics that are compatible for your skin type and personal preference or style. Part of a good checklist, however, is product safety. So aside from selecting makeup based on budget and quality, it is also important to choose safe cosmetics. For […]