Winter: How to Take Care of Skin

As winter approaches, skin problems, including flakiness and dryness, appear and make you feel uncomfortably itchy. So what should you do? Today, we’ve prepared a list of skincare tips for winter so that you can prevent season-related skin issues.

Winter Skincare Tips

  • Skip the Makeup Removal Wipes

Do not use the makeup removal wipes, but go for the cold cream cleanser. For many women, yes it is more convenient to grab and remove makeup from the face with these wipes. In the winter, however, using them may not be advisable because they contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that further dry the skin and irritate it in the process.*

  • Humidify

Get moisture back into the air and humidify with a home humidifier system, which can keep your skin supple and not dry and flaky. Hyper hydrate your skin with a good humidifier that restores hydration and prevents itchy winter skin.*

  • Moisturize

This is an all-season skincare tip, especially in the winter. As you know, keeping your skin moisturize can prevent it from drying. But don’t buy just about any moisturizer; instead, pick one based on your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin. Also, don’t forget applying some of it on your skin after taking a shower to trap water and moisture into your skin.*

  • Apply Hand Cream

This is every girl’s best friend when it comes to skincare. Have one handy in your drawer and get rid of cracked hands in winter. Restore its soft and healthy appearance with a good hand cream today!*

  • Drink Water

Hydrate and drink more water. You should hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking more water. When going out, don’t forget to bring a bottle with you. And when the weather is extremely cold, you can also drink herbal tea. These can help you skin have a healthy glow and supple appearance. In short, don’t let your skin be thirsty in the winter.*

  • Avoid Hot Shower

It is a given that it’s cold, but it does not mean you bathe with super hot water, as it can dry your skin even more. It also strips off much needed natural oil from your skin, making it look drier than ever.*

  • Wear Gloves

This may seem obvious, but it is one of the most essential skincare tips in winter because it can shield your hands from the cold weather. You should pick a pair that won’t irritate your skin. Wear cotton mittens as the first layer before wearing wool gloves, if you’re allergic to it. Gloves can keep your hands dry and warm.*

  • Exfoliate

Scrubbing can get rid of dead skin cells and reduce dryness in the winter. It can freshen up your face and it can remove dry cells. As an advice, however, limit it to only once per week to prevent stripping off the skin’s natural oils that actually work to help your skin prevent irritation.*

  • Apply Sunscreens

Even if summertime is over, don’t forget that you still need sunscreen before going out. Pick a product with at least SPF 15 to protect your skin from the elements.*

In the winter, taking care of your skin proves to be equally important as maintaining its overall appearance and health as in summertime. Don’t let the cold weather ruin its glow and smoothness, so follow the skincare tips in winter we’ve shared above.

*Results may vary from user to user.



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