Six Reasons Women Wear Makeup

Women have their reasons for wearing makeup but such vary from one to another, so there is no correct or wrong answer when talking about reasons for using cosmetics.   Check out the following for the most common reasons women are wearing makeup.

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

  1. To Boost Confidence

Many women cannot imagine their day without it and many cannot allow their colleagues or anyone to see them if their faces aren’t made up. One of the main reasons for putting on makeup is to feel confident at work, in school or in parties.


  1. To Conceal Real Age

Whether you want to look older or younger, makeup can help. Some teenagers apply makeup because they want to transform themselves and look older. While they only need lip color, mascara and powder, many of them want to try other cosmetics to look older.

On the other side are the older women who want to look younger. They cannot go their day without wearing cosmetics. Some of these include makeup that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as conceal creases on their faces.*

  1. To Lift Mood

One of the main advantages of wearing cosmetics is to improve mood in an instant.  It can make you feel more polished and put together no matter the occasion or even on a simple day. So the saying that you feel good when you look good proves true for many women who wear cosmetics to transform their look. If you want to feel good by flaunting your best facial features, wear makeup!*

  1. To Achieve Clear Complexion

Some women suffering from complexion issues wear cosmetics so that they can disguise these problems. For example, they wear concealer in order to hide blemishes and dark undereye circles. On the other hand are women who wear foundation to achieve a smooth complexion and have an even-toned facial skin appearance. Without even saying, cosmetics can help women in achieving the illusion of having perfect skin, especially if they know how to apply and use makeup the right way.*

  1. To Enhance Beauty

Do you want to glam up your appearance for a special occasion, such as your wedding? One of the reasons women put on makeup is to transform and look their best, especially for a date with someone special.  Some women go for cosmetics to look seductive and glamorous, while some choose cosmetics that can make them appear natural. No matter the purpose, makeup can help them achieve it. The main point is to get a polished look that will make them feel as if they are not wearing makeup at all.*

  1. To Express

Last but not the least in the list of reasons women put on cosmetics is to set themselves apart from others by expressing themselves through makeup. With all the textures, colors and tools available, expressing oneself and getting creative with makeup is a very fun-filled activity for women.*

As you see, women have their reasons for wearing cosmetics, and perhaps one or two of these sounds like yours. But because women can have a different mood day to day, the reason today may be different from tomorrows. Nobody knows. But no matter your reason, wearing makeup can help you transform from ordinary to extraordinary, so don’t be afraid experimenting with cosmetics until you find your perfect match in color combination and so on.  Finally, always remember that you’re beautiful with or without makeup, so don’t be afraid to show it.*

*Results may vary from user to user.

Elodie Miller

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