Reality: Scientists Develop ‘Second Skin’ That May Revolutionize Anti-Aging

What do you say if there could be a second skin that makes you look younger and is more durable? It sounds like science fiction, but it is possible. The scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, Olivo Labs and Living Proof have teamed up for one mission—develop second skin.

What’s with it? If successful, the said to be second skin will smooth away wrinkles and tighten skin at the same time. (Does it sound like a miracle cure to aging?)

What the scientists did was to create a silicone-based coating, which can mimic the elasticity, appearance and strength of healthy and young skin.

The result?

The polymer produced may be effective in making up for elasticity loss in the skin as a result of aging. The elasticity degradation that comes with age may contribute to sagging skin and wrinkles.

Researchers revealed that the protective polymer is even stronger than real skin.

During initial tests, the ‘second skin’ snapped back and returned to its original shape after it was stretched to 250%+, based on a statement by MIT.

[Higher than the 180% that the natural skin can be stretched]

How does it work?


The polymer will be applied to the skin as an ointment or cream before a platinum catalyst.

As a result, the platinum catalyst can stimulate the polymer in forming a flexible, strong film.
The film can last up to one day, yet it appears almost invisible for the eyes.

Elodie Miller

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