How Under-Eye Masks Saved My Day

We never do anything like that but I received an email today with that article from one of our readers. I thought it was fun and interesting. Just read it and let us know if you want us to publish more of those…



“I love TV shows. I watch a ton of them and I can never get tired. I actually often have to force myself so I can sleep…

Last night was one of those nights. After my kids were in bed, my husband offered to watch something together.

Devious Maids

I said no      😮

I just wanted to know what was happening next in “The Flash”. I mean, I’m about done with season 3 and it’s getting intense…

BTW, the same happened with Devious Maids, Scandal, Raising Hope, Grey’s Anatomy, Madame Secretary,… I told you, I LOVE TV shows!!!


So I told him he could play computer games because I wanted to watch as much of my show as possible. But then, it was getting late—like 11:30 PM—, I was getting tired and I had to wake up this morning—like every single morning—at 6:15 AM to prepare lunch for the whole family. I knew I needed some sleep… But I couldn’t help it. I started watching another episode! Half-way through though, I turned my iPad off and closed my eyes. Gosh that was frustrating! I wanted to finish the season so bad… And I had only 2.5 episodes left… And a long day at the office today. No choice.

I know that feeling too well

About 3 minutes after I closed my eyes, my baby woke up. A nightmare. I sat by him, cuddled and helped him go back to sleep, then I went back to bed and laid there until sleep came to me. For only a few hours, because my baby met us in our bed to finish the night. I love him, but he’s so big now it’s difficult to sleep when he’s in our bed. It’s only a queen after all… Still, I promised myself to enjoy every moment, cause soon, he won’t want my cuddles anymore.

6:15 AM, my alarm started to ring. I stopped it a few times. I was so tired… Wonder why…?

Like every day, I went directly to the shower, then looked at myself in the mirror to apply my eye cream (always do that first thing in the morning so my skin gets enough time to take it all in).



Me this morning…

Except for the redness, I looked like I had cried all night!

That could not happen. Not today.

I have a lunch meeting with an agent… I mean, who would take me seriously looking so sad and tired?

I had worked for months on getting this lunch. My TV pilot is ready to go, I need to find an agent and I can’t fail because of my eyes!!!

I was about to scream when my husband arrived in the bathroom. One look at my face he knew something was wrong. When I told him what, he laughed.

Well, ok. I should have slept earlier last night. But I was so hooked…

I had to find a way to hide those bags. I looked sick, like a junky or something…

I rarely wear makeup so I didn’t have the skills or the tools to fix my eyes…


That’s when Hubby got a genius idea! His sister had visited us a few months back and she had left some of her skin care behind. I went through her stuff and found a pair of GlamorEye Regenerating Eye Masks. I was saved! I remember how happy she was with them.

Just to be sure, I looked them up on line ( I had never eye mask like those before, with some liquid on the side… I liked what I saw so I soaked them as instructed and I put them on…


Oh WOW, that feeling….

Wearing GlamorEye

I instantly felt relaxed, like I was given a facial. The smooth, almost wet feel of them on my skin was a pleasure.

And because they held so well, I could go on with my routine as usual. Let me tell you I had to rush, cause I lost a ton of time in my despair…

By the time I finished the kids lunch boxes, my treatment was about done.

I went back to the bathroom and gently remove the masks…



After GlamorEye

My eyes looked rested, like if I had slept 10 hours!

No more puffiness or shadows, and I could barely see the lines on my skin anymore! Difficult to believe when I looked so bad just 20 minutes ago!

I did a quick makeup and rushed everybody out of the house. When I arrived at work, I got complimented on my looks. It never ever happens.

So I sat at my desk, ordered those miracle eye masks—the website said I’ll receive them within a few days—and wrote this post.

I really hope you guys will publish me cause I think women need to know that something out there can help them look their best when they need it. It’s easy and it makes you feel awesome: GlamorEye.


Thank you.


Elodie Cammarata

Alex Warner

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