How Stress Affects the Skin and What To Do About It

You’ve been warned many times that excessive stress is bad not only for your body but also for your skin. When stressed, the body’s signaled to release more hormones, resulting to imbalance and affecting your skin. And when you’re stressed, your skin also becomes more reactive and sensitive at the same time. To find out more about how stress affects your skin, stay tuned and read this article.

Stress Effects to the Skin

Flaky Skin

Remember those days when you were stressed, those times when your skin felt flaky and dry? Well, dry and flaky skin is one of the most common issues faced by stressed people. The main reason is that they are not drinking enough water but much soda and carbonated drinks. These practices can lead to dehydrated skin appearance, which happens because the skin cells do not get the proper hydration from water.

Drink more water as well as green tea when feeling stressed. Also, you should boost your body’s supply of antioxidants from green tea and hydration from high water content foods, including beets, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Aside from these, you can also apply serum with hyaluronic acid, which is known to pull moisture from the air into your skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.*


Stress brings you lots of skin troubles, and one of them is rashes due to the imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. Unfortunately, the bad dominates and defeats the good when you’re stressed. What you can do is to calm your mind with deep breathing exercises that can reduce stress and at the same time lower your chances of getting hives or rashes. Aside from these, you can go for probiotic food that can balance the microorganisms in your gut.*

Eye bags

Staying awake late at night, either worrying about your full schedule or about the things to do the following day, you will be in trouble of not getting enough sleep, leading to puffy and tired eyes in the morning. Lack of beauty sleep leads to swollen eyes on the lower eyelid area and results to puffiness in the morning. And if you sleep on your stomach, then puffiness, due to gravitational pull, can look even worse.

To avoid it, see to it that you get eight hours of sleep. And if you can’t sleep, get yourself a warm cup of chamomile tea that can relax your mind before going to bed.

For a quick fix of AM puffiness in the eyes, chill two metal spoons and place under eye area to reduce its puffy appearance and improve fluid’s drainage.*


This is probably one of the most common effects of stress to skin. When feeling stressed and excessively worried, you become more prone to skin sensitivity and irritation, including acne as well as breakouts. If   you don’t know yet, stress induces the releases of stress hormones, better known as cortisol. Following, it also disrupts the balance of the good and bad bacteria in your digestive tract, which leads to the appearance of acne in your skin.

To avoid skin breakouts, kick stress out! You can do it by practicing deep breathing techniques and meditation, which can help in clearing your mind, getting rid of excessive worrying and stress.

There you have the ways on how stress affects the skin. While stress can be healthy, an excessive level isn’t. Therefore, practice the techniques we’ve shared above, calm your mind, get rid of stress and say goodbye to dry skin, eyebags and acne.*


*Results may vary from user to user.


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