How To Prevent Wrinkles On Forehead

Part of a good skincare regimen is taking care of your face because it is more often than not the first to reveal the signs of aging. And because it receives exhaustion and stress from exposure to pollution and toxins, wrinkles (the furrow lines on your forehead) start showing even in your 30s. If you want to prevent forehead wrinkles, check out these tips to help you in preventing these facial lines from showing up and ruining your beauty.

Best Tips for Forehead Wrinkle Prevention
  1. Drink more water. It hydrates your skin, keeping it healthy and away from dryness. Your skin will look radiant and smooth if you drink at least eight glasses of water, which does not only improve skin health but also overall health. [Water also helps in flushing out toxins off your body.]


  1. Eat oily fish, or supplement with omega-3 fatty acids. Some sources include sardines, mackerel, tuna and salmon. They promote skin nourishment by keeping its natural moisture, making you look younger, longer. But not only that oily fish or omega-3 supplements keep your skin nourished, they also keep you healthy because it reverses heart disease, improves brain function and reduces stress and depression. This remedy against forehead wrinkles especially works for women with dry skin.


  1. Eat more of leafy greens and fruits. You can prevent the signs of aging, including fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles on your face and forehead by healthy eating and part of it is including more fruits and vegetables in your diet. They’re great sources of skin vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

Vitamin C is a known skin antioxidant for the production of collagen, a protein, which keeps your skin firm and taut and helps skin cells and blood vessels grow, giving your skin firmness and strength. Some great sources include kiwis, oranges, guavas and strawberries.


Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals, which damage and impairs the function of skin cells. To prevent wrinkles of the forehead, include carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, almonds, pumpkins, grapefruits and tomatoes into your diet.

  1. Wear sunscreen with at least SPF30. Be sure to put some on before going out the sun to avoid wrinkle development. You should also slap on a hat and wear sunglasses. Wearing sunscreen can protect your face and forehead from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Quit smoking. Smoking is the worst habit to have for your skin. It deprives your skin from nutrients and oxygen and it dries skin faster than you think it can. It also causes the depletion of collagen and elastin and it reduces blood flow to the skin tissues. It also makes you look older because it dries skin and causes sagginess.
  3. Practice mindfulness. Avoid excessive worrying and learn how to deal with stress. Practice and do regular yoga or meditation. Change your thought patterns and turn a negative into positive to prevent wrinkle development.
Prevent Forehead Wrinkles Naturally

Ladies, don’t think it’s too early for wrinkle prevention. Remember, prevention is always better than treatment later. Practice these useful tips and keep your skin looking young without the furrow, deep lines on your forehead.


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