Awesome News For Coffee Drinkers—And Non-Drinkers: 7 DIY Beauty Miracles Under Your Fingers.

You will probably see me as a weirdo once you know I don’t drink coffee—never had, never will. Not that I didn’t grow up with it. My siblings drink several cups of coffee a day since they were teenagers, as the rest of my family. And friends. And colleagues. And… Well, you get the picture!

If I can now tolerate the smell—after years of smelling it everywhere—, I still cannot drink a sip of it. I tried a couple times, for the caffeine boost. But every time, my heart jumped so high I thought I would faint. Then I was restless but oh so exhausted.

Nope. Coffee and I have been enemies for as long as I can remember. As we should be.

Until I discovered:

“Drinking coffee is one piece of the puzzle; another is putting it on the surface of your skin,” says Julia Hunter, MD, a dermatologist at Wholistic Dermatology in Beverly Hills, CA. “A coffee facial scrub can help brighten your skin, prevent clogged pores, and soften your lines. The acid in coffee gives you some chemical exfoliation on top of mechanical exfoliation. It also helps boost skin’s protective barrier. That’s what keeps you healthy when bacteria, viruses, and fungi are landing on your skin 24/7.”

I discovered I could deal with the smell of coffee if it made me look prettier.

It felt like a small price to pay…

And when I say small, I do mean it. Stay with me and you’ll discover homemade recipes that will soon be part of your beauty routine.

So let’s jump in.

1. Coffee And Antioxidants

Your body naturally produces free radicals—unattached molecules that can damage you inside-out—and antioxidants—free radicals fighters. The problem appears when you produce more free radicals than antioxidants.

But, lucky you, it’s pretty easy to get a load of antioxidants through healthy foods, herbal supplements and organic skin care.

So you’ll understand why I was amazed when I realized that me not drinking coffee was actually a bad thing! Because studies show that coffee is one of the main antioxidant intake in vitamin E and vitamin C—more than 60% of your antioxidant intake comes from coffee. The rest is brought to you by red wine, fruit juices, beer, tea and milk. Yep, you read it right.

Surprisingly, the single greatest contributor to the total antioxidant intake is coffee.

So I force myself to drink coffee. One cup every morning. Still don’t like the taste but at least my heart doesn’t jump that much anymore. Yep, everybody can change, with the right incentive…

And, because I always go all the way, I decided to try out coffee on my skin, too.

Oh boy, does it work!

2. Coffee And Cellulite

You surely know that the main component of coffee is caffeine, which is also perfect to temporarily reduce cellulite, thanks to its stimulant properties.

“Cellulite is fibrous bands that go from the top of your skin to the fat layer, pulling it down,” says dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara. “Scrubbing coffee grounds on your skin can reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily. Caffeine stimulates dilation while the scrubbing motion increases circulation, plumping up the skin and making cellulite look less obvious. Plus, coffee grounds contain antioxidants, so they can increase collagen production.”

DIY Recipe: Mix ½ cup of liquid coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 1 cup of organic coffee grounds in a mason jar. Use about 1-2 tbsp of your magic cream to vigorously scrub cellulite prone areas in the shower. Then, you can wear your shorts.

3. Coffee And Shinny Hair

The first time I tried a coffee rinse was before a blind date. I never have blind dates and I was really nervous. I decided to try something new, hopefully fun, to take my mind out of it. And, because I had just discovered the multiple benefits of coffee, I decided to try it on my hair.

My date loved the result. He kept commenting on my shinny hair. We dated a couple times after that, until he met a man! Not really surprising—he comments should have told he was gay. But the coffee rinse definitely was worse it! I do it once a week now.

DIY Recipe: Make a cup of coffee. Let it cool down completely then take it to the shower with you. After washing your hair, pour the coffee on it. Rinse off with cold water.

4. Coffee And Soft Lips

I always notice people’s lips. I especially love to kiss plump and smooth lips. So I take extra care of mine. I want them smooth and beautiful. And whether or not I like the smell, a coffee lip balm feels like heaven!

DIY Recipe: Infuse 2 teaspoons of ground coffee in 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for 2 – 4 days. In a double boiler, melt down 2 teaspoons of cocoa butter, 1 teaspoon of the coffee-infused oil until liquefied. Then add in 5 drops of vanilla extract and voila! Your coffee lip balm is ready! Pour into chapstick tubes, keep in a your refrigerator and apply whenever needed!

5. Coffee And Smooth Skin

One of coffee numerous qualities is to signal tissue repair. That’s why it plays a crucial role in regulating your cell re-growth: by retaining hydration, it increases collagen and skin elasticity.

DIY Recipe: You need ½ teaspoon of coconut oil and ½ teaspoon of finely ground coffee beans. Mix together the coconut oil and ground coffee and apply to your face using circular motions. Avoid getting the mixture in your eyes, nose and mouth. Leave on for at least 15 minutes up to an hour. Rinse off with warm water and enjoy your glowing skin! You can use this scrubbing mask 2-3 times a week.

6. Coffee And Puffy Eyes

You can easily erase late nights and tired eyes by adding a dose of coffee to your morning skincare routine. Let it attack dark circles and fine lines and enjoy the results.

DIY Recipe: You need 1 egg white and 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds. You can use used grounds—if you just made your coffee—but unused grounds are best—they contain the most caffeine. Combine the egg white and coffee in a small bowl. Beat mixture together with a fork until frothy—about 1 minute. With clean hands or a brush, apply the mask around and under your eyes. Avoid your eyelids—you don’t want to get it in your eyes. You can apply the mask to your entire face, if desired.

Let the mask dry for 10 minutes—or less if it gets uncomfortable. You will definitely feel the mask tightening your skin! Use a soft, wet towel to gently clean off the mask and finish with your moisturizer. Discard any unused mask.

While your eyes are brighter and tighter, you may feel an internal wake-up call as the caffeine absorbs through your skin. Not bad for a 10-minute mask, right?

7. Coffee And Dark Eye Circle

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, caffeine can minimize the accumulation of blood under your eyes, therefore preventing dark circles. It is so effective that most eye creams meant to erase dark circles contain caffeine.

However, caffeine cannot cure hereditary dark circles.

Tea leaves contain caffeine. So you can apply moist tea bags under your eyes for 5 minutes to reduce dark circles. And, because I had to…

DIY Recipe:


Caffeine truly feels like a beauty miracle. It is super easy and cheap to use at home. However, it is a temporary fix. Any of these recipes will help you look better for a few hours, maybe longer if you use them regularly. But they won’t correct your skin or slow down aging.

If you need a more permanent help with lines and wrinkles, if you want your face to glow again, take a look at You will definitely find what you’re looking for.



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