News  Posted on May 17, 2016

Scientists Develop ‘Second Skin’ That May Treat Skin Problems

What do you say if there could be a second skin? It sounds like science fiction, but it is possible. The scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, Olivo Labs and Living Proof have teamed up for one mission—develop second skin. [Read More...]


The Benefits of Charcoal Peel-Off Masks: Why This Instagram Trend is Actually Good For Your Face

If you’re like me, you find yourself scrolling through various social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) each day, liking your friend’s recent picture of her newborn baby or your mom’s status about trying that new restaurant in town. The rate at which things begin “trending” on social media can leave even the most […]

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Hair Straightener Basics 101: How to Achieve Luxuriously Sleek Strands In No Time Flat 

By Julie LaCrout The beauty and fashion worlds are fast-paced and forever changing; specific trends and styles that are “in” this season, may very well not be the next. If you’re beauty conscious, you know the true value of a quality hair straightener and its ability to provide versatility when it comes to specific looks. Daytime […]

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Probiotics: These Little Bugs That Could Give You The Perfect Skin

Probiotics—or the “good bacteria”—have become trendy over the past few years. So much that it’s nearly impossible for you to walk into a grocery store without encountering some product described as a “probiotic”, whereas it’s a supplement, a yogurt or a drink. But what do they actually do for you? And why are they referred […]


Do You Know Your REAL AGE?

You hear talks about aging and anti-aging everywhere these days. They’re on TV, on the radio, in your emails, even on milk bottles! Companies promise you to reverse your aging process if you use their “new miracle product”. Their “new fantastic technique” will help you live longer and stay youthful for ever… But what is […]